hi welcome to buncrds! i provide carrd tutorials on youtube. you can call me nora im south asian, indian, female & bisexual ~ i go by she/her prns. cr miucrd for this crd layout

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brown lace purple lace pastel blue lace pink lace doily border white lace fog mask circle blur mask star mask paper mask floating img double border drop shadow on image image turns black & white on hover heart mask on hover hello kitty mask on hover img tooltip on hover

(text codes)

text/link float on hover webkit text stroke marquee text gradient text text shadow color changing text news ticker pulsing text wobble text tilting text blinking text


hidden scrollbar click sound effect click sound effect like in this carrd marquee tab title typing tab title scrollbar in this carrd website button with blinking cursor chatbox rises on hover message alert when page opens disable left click with alert animista ishimori crd update log remove bg html to rgb different language or symbol in url w3schools cute cursors google fonts


multiple song music player simple circle music player spinning music player spinning music player with headphone slide up playlist music player kahei crd music player 2000's music player kill bill music player marquee lyrics music player


notepad tab horizontal scrollbox image shake on hover w scrollbox image reveals scrollbox on hover simple white lace scrollbox no border scrollbox double border scrollbox plain border scrollbox dashed border scrollbox


xp css windows 7 css windows 98 css clay css paper css NES css

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fashion nora newjeans model


secret drr ac (standard ver)